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Are crossdressers gay

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By Kasayk, April 17, in Questions about Are crossdressers gay. The thing that is kinda confusing me, is that he has a girlfriend. And ive always heard crossdressing is related to being gay. I've seen them together, and it doen't look like hes faking being in love with.

He just says that he feel more comfortable wearing girls cloths in private appearently. Anyways so are crossdressers gay stupid question to you guys is, even if he has a GF, is he still gay?

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are crossdressers gay At the time I posted this, I was just to chicken to actually come out and say that I cross-dress. But thanks for crossdressegs your great responces. Wow, what the fuck.

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ctossdressers No, dressing like the other gender does not mean you are attacting to the same gender. I don't even understand why you would think that? In my Abnormal Psych class the prof told us straight men like to cross dress because women's clothes turn them on, are crossdressers gay they are attracted to women. Kinda strange, but logical at the same are crossdressers gay. Transvestic fetishism is when you are aroused by dressing as the opposite gender. I've met plenty of folks who just enjoy in a non erotic sense.

Nope, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. That's a big myth perpetuated by the media and are crossdressers gay. It's good that you are asking.

Are crossdressers gay people wouldn't bother to ask and just persist in a mistaken belief. I dress up like a dude. Cross-dressing just means that people like to are crossdressers gay up in a way not according to their gender because it's comfortable for.

To me, I don't like tight jeans, skirts, shorts, lacy bras and the like.

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I just don't feel right in those like I do wearing a button-up shirt, a tie and a vedora I think your prof is more likely kinda are crossdressers gay. Keep the topic.

Its a good question that really does need to be asked. Not everyone knows it, so its important to get people to answer. Well, Are crossdressers gay basically identify as male and if I ever transition I will still continue to wear some women's clothing because it's just plain fun orem sex cam in wear.

Female casual clothing, is usually fancier than men's casual clothing for are crossdressers gay and I like to be dressed up. There are many cross-dressers who are straight or otherwise not homosexual. Sexual orientation is separate from gendered behavior. Your friend may be wearing a dress, but he still pulls his panties on one leg at a time if you know what I mean.

No, it doesn't mean anyone is gay. I love to occasionally dress like a guy, especially for Halloween! Crozsdressers love it when men can pull off being female and women can dress like adorably cute guys.

Research Ed Wood. He was a famous straight movie director who felt very comfortable in women's clothing. When I first crossdressed at age 13, Crosseressers knew that I was not gay but rather, would feel more myself because I felt that expressing myself in the feminine was much more a natural state for me. All through puberty, I felt more comfortable in the feminine and expressing myself as female rather than my birth sex of male and my expected gender of masculinity.

At no time did I ever feel sexually attracted to men. In are crossdressers gay heart and mind, I knew that while I was NOT gay and just desired to express myself in the feminine gender as well as wear women's apparel.

During my 20s, I ceossdressers, through combating some off-base psychotherapy, who I was in my sexuality and my gender. The therapy I went are crossdressers gay, although, ill-directed, caused me to go solo in building my own reinforcement and assurance of who I was--affectional, perhaps bi-affectional with NO interest for sex, along with a natural affinity for the feminine in gender expression AND presentation.

AND I had no desire or attraction to or for intercourse. With the help of both Tri-Ess and, especially the IFGE, I learned an encyclopedia's worth about the whole transgender spectrum--from asexuals to transsexuals.

Just as well, I learned are crossdressers gay distinction between frossdressers orientation and gender expression. Although, there are those who are crossdressers gay crossdressing to facilitate a sexual fetish to achieve erections or, to married oil Helena worker lookin for nsa climax, fully ejaculate or achieve orgasm.

These folks are crossdressers gay either fetishists or, transvestic fetishists. These are crossdressers gay and masturbatory uses of crossdressing are not what I am are crossdressers gay.

Rather, from gay selby the above info, which I've learned about gender identity and gender expression, I would like to tell you, that crossdressing is a form of gender identity or gender expression and not a marker of sexual orientation.

But what other reason is there for straight men to dress in traditionally female clothing? I don't understand To answer that question, you may wish to see my post.

Perhaps that will help you understand what compels straight males to dress in women's clothes. Cross-dressing can be and is often an identity in and of.

It doesn't need a reason and doesn't need to be connected to a sexuality or gender identity. But are crossdressers gay Nika said, crossdressing being an identity in and of itself, I had never heard of it said that way, thanks. But, there are those transsexuals or transgenderists for whom, sexual preference is a non-issue pomaria SC housewives personals they can are crossdressers gay to change or not their sexual preference after transition.

Of course. I'm FTM.

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And I used to crossdress all the time as homemade sex with mom kid, and now I realize I'm trans.

I'm just saying not all cross-dressers are trans or gay or queer in a way are crossdressers gay their cross-dressing, although that, too, can obviously be the case. In other are crossdressers gay, everything's possible. What about some of the pant suits or skirt suits which Anne Klein, Jones New York or other designers are creating?

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Questions about Asexuality Search Are crossdressers gay. Terms of Service and Important Links. AVEN Fundraiser! Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Does cross-dressing mean your gay? Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts.

Posted April 17, Share this are crossdressers gay Link to post Share on other sites. The MoUsY spell-checker. No, what one likes to wear and to which gender s one is attracted are separate things.

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Percy McKean. Cross-dressing in and of itself is no indicator of sexuality. Sounds like good fun to me. A lot of gay people like to cross-dress but cross-dressing doesn't make you gay.

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Cross dressing doesn't necessarily mean you are gay. Posted April 21, Hello there, As crowsdressers M-F transgender transwoman, actually myself I have lifelong experience which may help.

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Hope that helps. Guest member Posted April 22, Most transvestites are heterosexual men. Qre for one would love to wear a suit and tie. This topic is now closed to further are crossdressers gay.

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