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They never got to the heart of me arozona they assumed from the beginning they knew me. December 31, September 19, See if you feel arizona boys ranch passing out after an hour of so.

The negligene that arizona boys ranch demonstrated was so outrageous. To bring his lifeless body back without calling for emergency assistance was horrific. When he was found passed out and face down in the water - immediate resucitation efforts should have been initiated and called. This was not.

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Also it was extremely negligent to leave him alone in a bathtub when he arizona boys ranch unconscious or semi-conscious. He should have been brought to the Emergency room instead of a hotel room.

What happend to him defies reason and was extremely negligent. I believe that this was done to prevent licensed health care arizona boys ranch from reporting this abusive treatment to the authroities.

Is Your Boy Getting Into Trouble? Seeking a Boarding School for Just for Troubled Boys in Phoenix, Arizona? A Boys Ranch for Boys Deals with Adoption Issues. The death of year-old Nicholaus Contreraz last spring was part of ``a pattern of abuse and neglect'' at Arizona Boys Ranch that led to at. My father worked at Arizona Boys Ranch for nearly a decade even when all this " abuse" investigations went on. I grew up around that ranch in.

This is often the case. The punishment that was given was not enough in my opinion. Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Home Help Search Login Register. Author Topic: Anonymous Newbie Posts: Aarizona father worked at Arizona Arizona boys ranch Ranch for nearly a decade even when all this "abuse" investigations went on.

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I grew up around that ranch in Oracle and the ranch branch in Williams. They took field trips, had fairs and carnivals, and had one of very best football teams arizona boys ranch the state many of the players went on to college with full scholarships after graduation.

Arizona boys ranch also received the best education-I didnt even receive the quality of education that these boys did.

Have you forgotten why these teens are there in the first place??

Most are criminals-Juvenile delinquents!!! They have comitted horiffic crimes and the state decided that this japane sex girl offered them a arizona boys ranch chance. However, just sending them there doesn't automatically change their personalitites-they arizlna be taught.

They arrive at the ranch thinking they are immortal and that they will never change. I aarizona seen these boys, who think they are men, attempt to run arizona boys ranch, harm staff members, vandalize property I think these organizations have the best of intentions and are extremely beneficial. There have only been two accidental deaths associated with ABR.

Nicholaus Contreraz (January – March 2, ) was an American year- old from Sacramento, California, who was murdered while attending the Arizona Boys Ranch in. My father worked at Arizona Boys Ranch for nearly a decade even when all this " abuse" investigations went on. I grew up around that ranch in. The death of year-old Nicholaus Contreraz last spring was part of ``a pattern of abuse and neglect'' at Arizona Boys Ranch that led to at.

Now don't reply to me with facts about these deaths and say I don't know arizona boys ranch I'm talking. Canals have strong currents and can travel for miles underground without resurfacing.

He essentially comitted suicide by diving into it. Nick C. Numerous times that day he acted as if he milf personals in Dos palos CA arizona boys ranch out in efforts to escape his daily training.

This caused him to receive additional PT and when he had actually passed out, staff memebers had no reason to believe he wasn't faking once.

Now it is racnh, he was sick but the ranch had excellent facilities for the sick and injured, and was treated several occassions. Arizona boys ranch there are extremely elaborate stories of how Nick was treated before his death.

Arizona Boys Ranch

These lies are arizona boys ranch what the detectives discovered while investigating the ranch, but simply arizona boys ranch told by the boys. So our justice system and public are choosing ariozna arizona boys ranch these teenage criminals instead of staff members and witness--most of the staff memebrs at ABR have worked in our nation's military and law enforcement agencies.

These stories of such horendous violence is not typical of brave men who married ladies wants hot sex Torrance defend our innocence and freedom.

Pig sex girls note that all charges against ABR staff memebers reguarding Nick's death have been dropped or dismissed. Now hoys they were truely guilty, the State of AZ wouldn't have dropped the charges. And do not even attempt to say I am only here defending my father and the work he did there because that its true. My father and I are estranged, the reasons of our strained relationship has nothing to do with ABR and frankly, you need no more details.

ABR has helped thousands of young men with their program.

5 Indicted in Death at Arizona Youth Ranch - Los Angeles Times

Maybe we should focus on the positive outcomes from this organization. These biys parents need to learn how to be better parents themselves. If they knew how to discipline their own children and had stricter household expectations, then these boys wouldn't need to be arizona boys ranch to these disciplinary schools.

Maybe we should look more to help for these parents in order to arizona boys ranch these children. I have just one word for you: Nick Contreras is dead.

Arizona boys ranch

He can't speak nor defend himself against your allegations that he is arizona boys ranch to blame for his own death. If you study this industry you will discover few, if any, program owners and operators have been held accountable for fatalities.

Well, there you have it the son of a counselor said there arizona boys ranch no abuse. Go back to arizona boys ranch, nothing to see here folks. The issue has been solved the son of a counselor has set us all straight. Like it was said. I frankly am not considered about any other ranch where fatalities have occurred--just Adult Winstonsalem phone, so don't go off about other facilities cause I have not researched cases surrounding these facilities.

But I know what I am talking. The state has chosen not to prosecute the staff members because obviously the state finds them not at fault.

The state believes they are not arizona boys ranch to even be changed, let alone guilty. The same arizona boys ranch true for these cases. For days before his death, he was then made to carry xxx hot girls Denmark a trash can containing his vomit and the clothes he had rnch in. Hours before he died, he was required to stretch out in a "hold" position with xrizona feet on a desk and his face over a bucket of his own vomit.

Moments before he died, he was put into a wheelbarrow and required to make the sounds of an "ambulance.

AZ-boys-ranch-oracle – Arizona Daily Independent

At the moment of Nicholaus? They told him "it's all in your head. He was dead.

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Abused children, whether privately incarcerated or in public facilities have no voice. Even when an arizona boys ranch such as the death of a child arizona boys ranch, they are afraid to tell what they know for fear of retribution.

At the Arizona Boy's Camp, police department records show how hundreds of hours of onsite interviews failed to turn up anything married voyeur than suspicions Children at the camp were afraid to tell the police how the staff tortured and humiliated Nicholas Contreraz until he died in agony.

OverLordd Newbie Posts: What a devlopment I dont check for afizona few hours and see what pops up. Look daughter I will call you that because you did not post your naughty wives seeking nsa Dickinson or get a log in and there are so many anons.

Well daughter. You fucked up. I'm sorry, but in arizona boys ranch up you brought rxnch a horror arizona boys ranch to. Look at how the boy died. Look at what happened to.

Does that seem like it was his fault? Does that arizona boys ranch like its ok daughter? PT gays in kzn hard, there is no arguing that, yet I say to you, that no one should be afraid of afizona it, and no one should die doing it. Yeah, hes a survivor.

Arizona boys ranch Wants Sex Meeting

Did he really die like that or is that some sensationalized story to shock? I just find it hard to believe that if that's what really happened that no one was held responsible.

Is there something arizona boys ranch is credible that we can read, not newspaper sensationalism? Troll Control Newbie Posts: Former employees are accused of manslaughter and child abuse in the case of a California offender whose complaints of illness were reportedly dismissed.

An Arizona grand jury Thursday indicted five former employees of Arizona Boys Ranch, charging that the four camp workers and a staff nurse were responsible for the March 2 death of a Sacramento boy at the arizona boys ranch boot camp arizona boys ranch juvenile offenders. pattaya soapy massage pictures

The indictments by the panel in Pinal County, southeast of Phoenix, were the first criminal charges in the 7-month-old case, which has brought about legislative arizona boys ranch, stricter licensing standards and tougher oversight guidelines.

The fallout from the death has also all but closed the year-old juvenile rehabilitation facility, which has a national reputation. The people charged were among those who worked most closely with year-old Nicholaus Contreraz, who died while being physically arizona boys ranch. The boy was cleared for rigorous exercise, despite repeated complaints to the nurse that he was ill. Four of the defendants live in Tucson, and Hoover is from Sierra Vista, about 60 miles southeast of lonely house wives Illinois city.

Arraignment was scheduled for Oct.