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Let me know. I hope that we are bothso we blah girls share Sunday mboobies. I am not waiting for anyone to fill a position.

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But, whereas the Powerpuff girls was aimed at kids, Blah girls Girls is not. In addition, you can also ask the Blah Blah girls for gossip advice although we doubt if you can get a pretty sensible answer from those Girls.

But anyway, the site was not meant blah girls be serios. In fact, I think of it as satire hitting on the mad entertainment world.

While visiting the site, I must admit find it pretty well cooked up. Although the video blah girls is its major product, other elements of a good web 2.

The site design is catchy and really blah girls a sense of fun, satire, fun and satire. But who knows, it might actually pull one. By arnoldzafra.

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Aside from the moldy topics including the fresh-fromjoke about Blah girls Stefani not having pink hair anymore and living in Londonthe jokes are pretty flat. An example from blah girls "Ex-patriots" episode:. Blah Girl: British guys are so hot!

Rub my broomstick, baby. Hilariousright?

Another bizarre thing about the website is the racial stereotyping of the black Blah Girl, Blah girls. Tiffany's bio reveals that her "current location" is "[her] hood" that's how blah girls people talk! The Blah Girls also include a token twee gay blogger named Stewart whose pink fauxhawk might lead one to believe that he's a biting satirical representation of Perez Hilton.

But that would be expecting too much from this blog. Blah girls, Stewart is just a stereotypical flamboyant gay who is totes obsessed with clothes and his weight his bio says that when he grows up he blah girls to "always be able to fit into skinny jeans" and he supplies the Blah Girls with their celebrity news or.

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The site also has a heavy product placement deal with Vitamin Water. In the "Adoption" episode, Tiffany says that she wants to drink "Vitamin Water Formula 50" blah girls be "cool like Ah, that explains it.

There are some funny things on the site: One Blah Girls' dog is named "Botox.