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Im the king of swingers

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King Louie performs the number in an attempt to share his plight with Mowgli, while simultaneously convincing the man-cub to help him become a man. At one point of the song, Baloo performs a scat duet with Louie.

I Wan'na Be like You (The Monkey Song) - Wikipedia

The scat lyrics, as said by Richard Sherman, are meaningless, having ov completely ad-libbed by Prima and Harris; albeit during separate recording sessions. King Louie: Now I'm the king of the swingers, hooo-- The jungle VIP I've reached the top and had to stop And that's what wife want casual sex Deansboro me I wanna be a man, mancub And stroll right into town And im the king of swingers just like the other men I'm tired of monkeyin' around!

Wee-bee-dee-bee-dee-boo You'll see it's tru-u-ue Shoo-be-dee-doo An ape like me-e-e Ghe Can learn to be Hu-u-uman To-o-oo! Instrumental Bridge Now don't try to kid me, mancub I made a deal with you Im the king of swingers I desire is man's red fire To make my dream come true!

Im the king of swingers I Wants Couples

Now give me the secret, mancub Come on, clue me what to do Give me free online naughty games power of man's red flower So I can be like you! Instrumental Bridge Baloo: Well, a-ree-bah-naza King Louie: Swingrs Baloo: Well, a-lah-bah-zini Im the king of swingers Louie: Wadahlabat-boodalabat Baloo: Seebahlalat-dodie King Louie: Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Baloo: Well, a-ha ha ha ha King Louie: Gettin' mad, baby!

Hall-owallo-a-la la Baloo: Mahata alottado Monkey: Hodolata-deetle-do Baloo: Do-zootle-dot-dot-dot-dot-dot King Louie Gingle do doot do do im the king of swingers doot Baloo: Zeep-i-doo-da hab a daah Louie and Baloo variously: You hoo hoo!

Oop-dee-wee I wanna be like you-u-u!

Hop-dee-doo-bee-do-bow I wanna walk like you! Cheep Talk like you Cheep To-o-oo!

Wee-bee-dee-bee-dee-boo You'll see it's tru-u-ue! Shoo-be-dee-doo Someone like me-e-e Scooby-doo-bee-doo-bee Flunkey: Archived from the original on Songwriting Magazine.

Mouse tracks: Ehrbar, Greg.

I'm The King Of The Swingers - PoliceWiki

University Press of Mississippi. The digitally remastered CD will be out Monday. The Sherman brothers are animated about the recording".

Los Angeles Times. The Jungle Book audio commentary. Retrieved April 15, Retrieved 23 January Olly Murs — I wanna Be like You".

GfK Entertainment Charts. Retrieved 14 March Week 48, ". Irish Singles Chart.

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