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People flagging for no reason

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Happy day Episodians!

To think it has people flagging for no reason an entire year since people flagging for no reason tumbled, progressed, caught our footing and finally landed in our new and shiny community home! Today we would like to take some time to go over a particular feature that we are sure everyone is a bit more familiar with after having some time with it, flagging! Flagging is a built in feature of doctors on tinder forums that enables users to notify the forum staff of any potential pwople or forum rule violations.

It is peoplw important to recognize the flagging feature as an educational tool.

So that time you received a notification saying that your post was flagged? Please make sure to read each notification for full details. Check out this example flatging below for more info:.


Step Two: Step Three: Choose the correct option that best describes the violation in question. The flagged content pops up in the staff flag queue. Staff review the flag and choose which action to take after researching.

Flags are reviewed on an individual people flagging for no reason case by case flabging.

This means some flags are easier to resolve than others or will result in different outcomes. Once the review is finished a very friendly private message is sent to the author of the post, describing what happened, and letting them know that any changes they may need to make peiple people flagging for no reason the post.

If you get a notification it is important for you to read it! Notifications might all look the same but may include different details in each one.

Wants Sex Tonight People flagging for no reason

I personally and some of my friends have a lot of our posts people flagging for no reason. For example whole thread on goes off-topic, but only mine, or a few people gets flagged. How to deal with this? Flag system is being abused a lot, but Episode seem to keep blind eye on.

Thank you for this, Jeremy! Well, we can always hope for the better and work towards it.

If the person retaliated and flagged the flaggers hub, they would not be able to do it In case you're worried about people flagging without reason, staff will not. I have noticed that some people here are using flags against others about nothing. For instance, I Omg I hate when they flag for no reason. Like for me there. Hey, remember, i talked about a group of people, flagging my posts? mysteriously they stopped flagging me by bilalhaider.

Because as we know — the Episode Forums is for shemale lisa a friendly people flagging for no reason helpful community, not a drama-inducing television.

Well I think it is kinda both Depends on the day and a person. We needed this, some people are so up themselves they get triggered over.

Proofs are in my PM. I was flagged many times for doing completely nothing, while in some cases I was flagged for speaking up truth in little hard way, but others involved were not punished as I was - people flagging for no reason banned.

Or to make a conclusion- best is to not even comment on this forum.

He did it for comedic reasons, and it's not a funny subject. I tried flagging it for obvious reasons, but he somehow got to block the ability to flag it. I'm aware he's a. I found a horrifying discovery that it turns out other people all across Deviantart are being flagged and banned for art that has NO sexual content. If the person retaliated and flagged the flaggers hub, they would not be able to do it In case you're worried about people flagging without reason, staff will not.

Evil, evil commies…LOL. Reviewing the general rules again might help with some of the confusion expressed in this thread.

From the tutorial. Instead of flagging a post that violates the forum rules they try to self moderate which then derails the conversation which is considered to be off-topic. If the community simply starts flagging instead of trying to play moderator it would substantially decrease the amount of off topic flags you receive and only those who are breaking the rules will get flagged. Regarding the abuse of the flagging system…yes people do it…but all of those flags come directly to us…and if the flag people flagging for no reason not warranted then we dismiss it and the flagged user does not get into any trouble.

Having the best intentions and trying to help the forum team while breaking the people flagging for no reason at the same time is still breaking the forum rules.

Where did User C go wrong? This is considered off-topic and both User B and User C should then both be flagged and dealt with by the forum team.

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So far me personally I have only had maybe a handful of people coming to me in PM to discuss a flag that they did not agree. So please, we encourage you to reach out to us if you ever have any questions regarding a flag that you received.

Everyone is allowed to express their people flagging for no reason opinions.

Inform Hubber why a Hub was flagged

Also keep flwgging mind that not all flags are treated the. If User A, B or C has a past history of constantly breaking the forum rules, this also gets taken into account when addressing all the flags we receive.

There are many factors that come into play when the team is deciding how to appropriately treat a flag. Jeremy And if example… User A makes a thread about Dragonballs explaning to everyone, that whoever writes about them, must know that the Dragonballs are peolpe fact dragons eggs and everything else is not true. Hi Jeremy — I would love to know if the back-seat modding is going to be in the forum guidelines people flagging for no reason any point in the future?

We actually have a brand people flagging for no reason version of the gen rules that will fog up soon. Good thing housewives looking real sex Bangor Michigan was cleared up. Flagging, the forums and you!

I Am Wanting Sex Hookers People flagging for no reason

Forum Tutorials. Jeremy February 12,9: Check out this example thread below for more info: Check User IP Addresses.

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Pronoun Options in Bio. What are flags?

pople Why is episode banning peeps? RANT thread 3: Jeremy pinned globally February 12,9: NelidaU February 12, How do you define research exactly? Minoesje February 13, AS February 13, people flagging for no reason, 2: AS February 13,4: HeartBreaker February 13,4: CoraMae February 13,4: NelidaU February 13,4: Jeremy February 13,7: Minoesje February 13,7: Thanks for asking questions.

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CoraMae February 14,1: ShanniiWrites February 15,3: ELx February 15,3: Jeremy February 15,reaason Catriona February 15,4: