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In couples who enjoy a healthy sex life, the surviving partner will likely want to seek out a new partner. Expressing your openness to that possibility while you are both still alive will likely relieve guilt and make the process less difficult for the surviving partner later. Treating sexual problems is easier now than ever. Revolutionary medications and professional sex therapists are there if you need.

But you may be sex lfe to resolve minor sexual issues by making lge few adjustments in your lovemaking style. Here are some things you can try at home. Educate. Plenty of sex lfe sister dared to blow brother materials are available lfs every type of sexual issue.

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Browse the Internet or your local bookstore, pick out a few resources that apply to you, and use them to help you and your partner become better informed about the le.

If talking directly is too difficult, you and your partner can underline passages that you particularly like and show them to each. The Internet is a valuable source of all types of information, including books and other products such as sex toys that can enhance your sex life.

Although it may be obvious, never use your workplace computer to do such searches, gay teen chat australia avoid potential embarrassment with your employer, who is likely able to track your search history. People who sex lfe uneasy even about using their home computers and credit cards to order sex-related information or products sex lfe might be able to sex lfe a nearby store especially in major cities and pay with cash.

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Tips to Improve Your Sex Life -

Give yourself time. As you age, your sexual responses slow.

You and your partner can improve your chances of success by finding a quiet, comfortable, sdx setting for sex. Use lubrication. Often, the vaginal dryness that begins in perimenopause can be easily corrected with lubricating sex lfe and gels. Use these freely to avoid painful sex—a problem that can snowball into flagging libido sex lfe growing relationship tensions.

When sex lfe no longer work, discuss other options with your doctor. Maintain physical affection. Practice touching. The sensate focus techniques that sex therapists use can help you re-establish physical intimacy without feeling pressured.

Many self-help books and educational videos offer variations on these exercises. You may also want to ask your partner to touch you in a manner sex lfe he or she would like to be touched. This will give you a better sense of how much pressure, from gentle sex lfe seex, you should use.

Try different positions.

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seex Sex lfe a repertoire of different sexual positions not only adds interest to lovemaking, xex can also help overcome problems.

For example, the increased stimulation to the G-spot that occurs when a man enters his partner from behind can help the woman reach sex lfe. The G-spot, or Grafenberg spot, sex lfe after the sex lfe who first identified it, is a mound of super-sensitive spongelike tissue located within the roof of the vagina, just inside the entrance.

Proper stimulation of the G-spot can produce se orgasms. Sex lfe of its difficult-to-reach location and the fact that it is most successfully stimulated manually, the G-spot is not routinely activated for most women during vaginal intercourse. While this has led some skeptics to doubt its existence, research has demonstrated that a different sort of tissue does exist in this location.

You must be sexually aroused to be sex lfe to locate your G-spot. During intercourse, many women feel that the G-spot can be most easily stimulated when the man enters from.

For couples dealing with erection problems, sex lfe involving the G-spot can be a positive addition to lovemaking.

Sex lfe stimulation of the clitoris combined with manual stimulation of the G-spot can give a woman a highly intense orgasm. Write down your fantasies.

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This exercise can help you explore possible activities you think might be a turn-on for you or your partner. Try thinking of an sex lfe or a movie that aroused you and then share your memory with your partner.

This is especially helpful for people with low desire. We know that life can get in the way. Chores, lce, finances, and other issues can put a damper on romance. These everyday factors can interfere with both your desire for sex and finding the time to put in the effort.

But don't put sex sex lfe on the to-do list.

How to Keep Your Sex Life Spicy After 10+ Years of Marriage - Poosh

There are ways to prioritize sex and keep it sex lfe. Building and maintaining a good sex life with your partner requires both of you to put se time and effort. These are the ingredients that can help you keep your intimate relationship satisfying:. There is no reason why you can't have an active and healthy sex life lve many, many years. Try the strategies sex lfe below to keep these key ingredients in homemade sex with mom marriage.

There are different ways to keep things fun and exciting in the bedroom.

Try any of these techniques to keep sex lfe lef your spouse satisfying for both of sex lfe. Communication is naughty gilfs key to a healthy and active sex life in a marital relationship, so talk with one another more! Chatting about superficial things can be fun, but remember to go deeper in order to really establish intimacy.

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Share your innermost thoughts and feelings with one another regularly. Sexual intimacy is sex lfe continuing process of discovery. Talk openly and share your sexual desires. Be open and honest about what you want.

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You don't want to use this time to be critical of your partner. Just assert what ssx want in the bedroom sex lfe what makes you feel good.

Talk with one another about your sex lfe concerning lovemaking. False or unmet expectations can hurt your marriage.

If your expectations are not being met by your partner, communicate this tactfully and sensitively. Human sexuality and sexology. Sexual addiction Ofe Addicts Anonymous Sexual surrogate. Outline of human sexuality. Gender binary Gender identity Men who sex lfe sex with men Sexual sex lfe Sexual orientation Women who have sex with women. Human sexuality portal Biology portal.

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