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John, girl, dentist Place: The idea that nouns have gender seems perfectly natural when the noun stands for a living creature.

This is because eingle English, living creatures often have different names, depending upon whether they are male or female. Nouns that end in -o are usually masculine.

Nouns that end in -a are usually feminine. Notice the word usually!

There are exceptions to these two rules and you will soon be learning. One cannot predict the gender of a noun that stands for a non-living thing. Try to predict whether the Spanish words for the following things are masculine or feminine:.

One cannot predict the gender of a noun, except in the case of living creatures. Do not try to analyze the nature of the object, looking for some inherent masculinity or femininity.

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Take a guess. You might expect it to be feminine, since a dress is an article of clothing worn by females.

Take another guess. You might expect it to be masculine, since a necktie is an article of clothing worn by males.

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When you learn a new noun, you should also learn its definite article el, la. There are several reasons for this:.

Good question! As you shall see in upcoming lessons, Spanish places a great deal more emphasis on gender than does English.

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