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WordSwag - designer text for your pictures tall teacher Benjamin Wong on Tall teacher. RSS Feed. Tall Tech Teacher.

Tech Tip Tuesday: It's been a busy few weeks with track season in full swing and preparing for summer and fall volleyball season, not to mention planning, delivering, tall teacher grading lessons. I have fallen behind on Tech Tip Tuesday but wanted teaacher quickly give you another one of my favorite resources: She is also incredibly kind and has a genuine heart to help teachers.

This spring, Ms. Davis launched a new postcast called "The Minute Teacher Podcast" which tal every week day. I need a normal friend themes each week are: The podcasts are full of great information and inspiration, and of course, it's so helpful that they're only ten minutes long! Recently, my principal, Teachr. Will Parker, was interviewed for the show to talk about teachdr kindness has gone viral at our school.

Click here to listen to this episode! Take a few minutes to look tall teacher the Cool Cat Teacher website, sign up for the newsletter, and follow Ms.

Tall teacher

I'm sure you will learn about some awesome things to try in tall teacher classroom! Social media can be a great way for teachers to learn about new tools and to interact with other educators. Twitter tall teacher started inand soon after it began, teachers started using it tescher share resources and ideas from all over the world.

Twitter is considered a micro-blogging platform; Tweets are restricted to characters with a few exceptions. This makes it a great way to engage in conversation, share concise ideas, and link to useful websites, blog posts, and other educational resources. Lots of tall teacher resources springfield girls nude to help teachers get started on Twitter, so to save time, I am going to link to some of the best I've.

Check these tall teacher Twitter for Educators: Once you have set up a Twitter account, here's a list of educators Atll would recommend following.

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After you tapl followed several, Twitter will suggest other accounts to follow. I follow all the people I am recommending, tall teacher they are all active on Twitter and share great information tall teacher tzll. Several of the guides linked above give follower recommendations as. Next, consider participating in or lurking during an education Twitter chat. Twitter chats are generally how to make a guy love you online every week at a specified time.

Some Twitter chats are based on a specific subject Tall teacher or grade level 3rd gradewhile others may be organized around a book Tall teacher Like a Pirate, TLAP fucking cali Lowell Massachusetts an educational practice flipped classroom, flipclass. Look for one or two education Twitter chats that interest you. The tapl tall teacher important because that's how you will follow the conversation.

Both of these tools make it much easier to follow a hashtag. I will admit that I don't make time for Twitter every day; in fact, I will sometimes go several weeks without really checking out my Twitter feed.

However, I still like to know what people are sharing on Twitter, tall teacher what resources are being shared by other educators. Twurly allows me to see all of the great links without having to weed through my Twitter feed. Once you sign-up on Twurly's website with your Twitter account, Twurly sends a daily email tall teacher the best links that were shared by the people you follow on Twitter. It only takes me about a minute to scan through the 50 or so headlines of the shared links to decide which links if anyI want to click on and read.

Here's a small sample of the email I received tall teacher Twitter can be a lot to take in. The best advice I have received about tall teacher is don't tall teacher about trying to catch all of the information and resources. It is impossible.

Instead, dip your toe in every tall teacher in a while and look tall teacher resources that will help you improve just one thing in your teaching practice. Do you tall teacher Twitter to improve your practice or to learn about educational resources? What educators would you recommend that teachers follow? For this week's tech tip, I'm going to change it up a bit and share one of my favorite mobile device apps: This winston salem gay clubs the one app I wouldn't want to live.

Tall teacher I use it mainly for personal enjoyment and creativity, I have used it with my students and will suggest ways to use it in education in the post today. The WordSwag app allows the user to combine a picture with text.

Reacher apps exist for this, but I love WordSwag because of all the options it offers. For starters, the WordSwag user can select a stock image, a solid-color background, an image from pixabay, or a picture from his or her own camera roll.

The image can then be cropped to fit several different social media posts tall teacher can be left original size. After the size has been decided, tall teacher filter speed dating oxford as 'Vibrant' or tall teacher - shown next to the original flower image below can be added and the brightness of the picture can also be adjusted.

Photo Credit: Hillary Hurst.

The next step is to add text. The user can type in tall teacher word, phrase, or quote of his or her own or can let the app generate a quote from one of these categories: The text can be formatted with tall teacher different "font" types. Some of the "font" options actually combine several teadher and font sizes to create a unique look.

tqll I have the paid version, which offers more choices, but the free version still has plenty to choose. The user also chooses the text color or colors and the level of color transparency. Three tall teacher are shown below with different fonts and font colors.

The short video below from the WordSwag tall teacher demonstrates some of the available options and highlights some of the ways people use WordSwag.

The Very Tall Teacher 2 : Douglas Evans :

WordSwag has several possible uses in education: Students tall teacher create original images for presentations, projects, and tall teacher portfolios. Students and teachers can create images to nude women erotic on social media about what students are learning and what events are happening in the classroom or competitive arena. What other ways would you talll WordSwag in your classroom?

WordSwag is user-friendly and intuitive.

The final creations are easy to save to the device's camera roll and share via social media. I tall teacher created images for several different purposes, including the Tall teacher Tip Tuesday icon on this post. Some of my favorite creations are below: I love infographics!

Of course, I kind of tall teacher numbers and data too I have an Accounting degreebut I really like how infographics take numbers, data, and information and make them into a visual.

To me, infographics are easier to understand than a paragraph of text or a table of numbers. So perhaps you're asking, what's an infographic?

When I introduced this term to my students this year, most of them tall teacher not heard it, but when I showed them an example, most of them had seen at least one. I imagine you have seen them too and maybe didn't know what they were called. An infographic is a visual image, such as a women seeking hot sex Keyport or diagram, used tall teacher represent information or data.

Here's an example of an infographic about infographics: Tall teacher was created by infolicious on visual. Infographics could be used in a lot of different ways in education. Millions of infographics about thousands of topics already exist with great information for students. Teachers, coaches, and administrators can create infographics to share information about clubs, sports, classes, or extracurricular activities.

As an alternative tall teacher written reports, tall teacher can create infographics to demonstrate learning. My students recently finished a unit on Microsoft PowerPoint, and I completed the unit by showing them free online alternatives, such as Google Slides, Emazeand Prezi.

After they had practiced using the tools with that assignment, Tall teacher gave them a second assignment to research a college, school, or post-high school certification program that interested. Each student used the information learned to create an infographic about that particular college, school, or program.

The Teacher Tall Poppies Award recognises outstanding secondary teachers who have been innovative in their school to enhance student outcomes in science. Sonia praised the kids and reminded them that when they need help they can always go to a teacher, parent, sister, or brother. Fifteen minutes later I got to see . The Very Tall Teacher 2 by Douglas Evans, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

However, websites like tall teacher ones we used make it easier. All three websites provide free infographic templates and similar tools to customize text, colors, graphs, and images. I would suggest looking through tall teacher free templates offered on each website before deciding which one to use.

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Regardless of which tool you use, you can download the finished tall teacher or share a link to it. Of tall teacher, all three websites have paid taol, including reasonably-priced options for teachers and students. My personal goal is to become better at creating infographics and to wife gangbang literotica them more frequently in my classroom and with my extracurricular activities.

Have you created tall teacher infographic? Do you have any suggestions on how to use infographics teachsr your classroom? This website has provided me with valuable tall teacher throughout my teaching career. I have used lessons from their digital citizenship teahcer with my 9thth grade students to discuss online safety, digital footprints, and plagiarism. I have also tall teacher the website to check on recommendations for edtech tools. However, until recently, I was unaware that Common Sense Media provides a lot of information for parents as .