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Type of guys you like quiz I Look Swinger Couples

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Type of guys you like quiz

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I am at a point in my life where i feel brave enough to enter the meeting game. I ilke available week days to orally pleasure you. Preferably somebody my age 18-30.

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You like straightforward, rough, brooding, traditional men. You like someone with steel and who is practical and vuys. You like a guy with fire in his belly and with strong determination. You are one tough girl!

lime Something about that awkward nerdy aura in a man just gets you. You love that, well, nerdiness, and cute shyness of his sweetness yeah, yep you.

And serious too! Nerds aren't jerks. You just love that sexy passion of an artist.

Type of guys you like quiz I Look Sex Hookers

You'll make music together Who wants consistent and steady when you could have creative and exciting? This guy is both manly and sensitive--a lethal combination.

He has deep thoughts and deep feelings while being valorous and noble--another lethal mix.

In gusy of people he may be on the fringe, but when he's talking to a person, he really listens with. He'll have this emo aura--without actually being a legit emo.

What Type of Men Do You Get Attracted to?

If you got this guy, then trust me, you're no ordinary girl. You like dependable, nice and ty;e. You like things reliable and don't ask for too much--just someone to love you. Plus, it's fun to make those reliable guys wild!

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You LOVE classy. You like manly men, but not the traditional outdoorsy type. He'll have impeccable manners and a snapping and sarcastic air. He's not shy and he's easy in manner. You are a traditional romantic to the core!

You want someone tye always listen and get you little favors and do ALL the perfect couple things. He'll be there when you're sick and cuddle you back to health. He'll take you to picnics in the park and take walks on the beach.

And MOST importantly, you just want that sweet, sympathetic personality. Oh type of guys you like quiz Typf guys are the best, in your opinion. You like someone to lighten you up and make you laugh and forget your troubles for awhile. His openness makes you feel comfortable and secure.

What Type Of Guy Do I Like? - Quiz -

If you like men like this, you're not in the norm, according to science, as most women like brooding men. Revel in your differentness!

Let's see how accurate I can be. If I'm not, comment below!

Can We Guess What Type Of Men You Like?

Ot By Hannah Sarenpa. What's your favored eye color for a man? Green--REAL green. Blue--as in you could just swim in. Warm caramel brown.

Wanting Men

Short hair. Either way; it's not too big of a deal. Long hair is definitely sexy!

What characteristic is most important to you? Friendly, warm. Good priorities. Reflective, thoughtful. Passion, conviction. Where would dubai sex chat most like to visit? The Colorado Rockies. New York City. The U. What is your definition of a type of guys you like quiz evening with your man? Eating in a fancy gourmet restaurant. Watching sports. A moonlight walk along the beach.

Having a nerf-gun war. Going to a museum.

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Going on a hike. Staying up all night just talking.

Going to a concert. Good ol' blue.

Type of guys you like quiz

Bold and bright. Deep and rich. What look do you typically like in men? Rich brown hair, soulful brown eyes. I'll take any really. Tall, dark, handsome.

Dark hair with light colored eyes. Blue eyes, blond hair. Favorite genre of music: All of them!

Cats or dogs? Either one, I like. I don't like any animals! What is your personal style? Of the following, which would you want as a pet? Black Panther.

What Type of Guy Do I Like?

Which Franco brother? Pick a celeb man I know, I know, they're all drool worthy, so take you time! Channing Tatum.

David Tennant.

Well, then you're in luck, take this quiz to find out what type of guy suits your personality! Where would you like to go for a date? A. Ever wonder what your "type" is? The best way to know what you want from him is to know what you like and want, period! This quiz will help. This quiz is meant to weed out the various types to find the guy you most attract. Go ahead and take this I believe that you could fall in love quickly. Yes. hint.

Josh Hutcherson. Heath Ledger.

Michiel Huisman. Alex Pettyfer.

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Ed Westwick. Dylan O'Brien. The Ultimate Manly Man. The Nerd. Creative and Artistic. The Mysterious, Deep Loner.

The Sweet One. Calculating Results Facebook Comments.